What’s in Your Mailbox?

Have you checked your mailbox yet this week? We all know the bills are always there, but what else did you receive? Postcards addressed to “Occupant”, magazines, flyers or maybe letters addressed directly to you from an unknown company?

Most likely you had to open the bills, but what about the other pieces of mail? Did the one addressed to Occupant go straight to the recycle bin? How about the ones addressed to you but unknown by you?

Companies sending out direct mailing campaigns have a lot to think about when they decide what to send, how to send and what time to send. The experts at Coast Mailing Services have the experience and know-how when it comes to what works and what ends up in the trash bin, er, I mean recycle bin. Break through the clutter so your marketing piece stands out. Simple, right?

Here are some promising stats from Canada Post show direct mailing campaigns work, when done correctly…

  • 94% of Canadians will open mail from a company they know or have heard of
  • 76% of people have made an online purchase as a result of direct mail
  • Social Media users are 29% more likely to be heavy responders to direct mail

So, using an Addressed Ad Mail campaign where the correspondence can be personalized with a database of potential clients is sure to stand out. Who doesn’t want to open a letter addressed personally with your name on the front and obviously professionally folded/inserted and mailed?

So what is stopping you from getting out that marketing piece?

Right, time. Who has the time for all this? Well, we do. Coast Mailing can work on the data processing, printing, folding, inserting, sorting, whatever you need, while YOU concentrate on running your business.

Call us, you’ll be happy.