Let us merge information in your database with your document template to personalize your mailing and let your recipients know you went the extra step to connect with them. Merging software allows Coast Mailing to place your information anywhere on the document or on labels accurately and cost effective.

Question: How to get that list of contacts onto printed mailing items?

Nothing makes your contacts feel respected like a personally addressed envelope and content insertions. Who’s going to open an envelope addressed to “Occupant”? Connect with the recipient of your direct mailing campaign on a more personal level. Coast Mailing Services can make that happen.

Mail merge utilizes software to “read” the addresses from your list and merges them with a document previously prepared to match the envelope. This way each mail piece is customized with your personalized touch. Detailed mailing list information may be printed onto many types of documents including letters, cards, and mailing labels.

Coast Mailing Services has seen it all when it comes to database lists in all forms. We can take the data, process it, and quickly and accurately merge it with the document of your choosing. Our advanced technology makes mail merging simple, accurate, and cost efficient.