Explore the Benefits of a Qualified Direct Mail Services Provider.

Canada Post’s annual rate and service changes took effect on Jan 12th, 2015.

The following are some of the changes for affected services (source: CanadaPost.com):

  • Parcel Services Price and Service Changes
  • International Incentive Letter-post Price Changes
  • Transaction Mail and Direct Marketing Price and Service Changes
  • Direct Marketing Price and Service Changes

Please consult the Canada Post website for complete details or contact us for help with understanding how these changes may impact your next direct mail project.

Direct Mail Strategy

Technology has changed the way we do business but direct mail still remains an effective way to communicate information about your company to potential customers. Direct mailers provide a straight forward solution to the problems associated with digital-only advertising.

Know Your Customer

It is important to identify and target people with the greatest need for a product or service. Narrowing the demographic and mailing only to people who fit the desired customer profile will help save money on postage and will also likely result in more sales.

Make Your Mailer Stand Out

Another important component for a successful direct mail campaign is using a mailer which stands out in a prospective customer’s crowded mailbox. Making the mailer unique is sometimes as simple as using a bright colour or different size for the envelope, changing the type of paper, Post-It Notes, hand addressing or using Postcard Style Mailers. The goal is simply to make the customer want to pull your mailer out first from the bundle of other mail they receive.