mail-sorterFrom an idea to a Canada Post Ready and Approved campaign, Coast Mailing will get the job done. A direct mailing campaign is a time-consuming, multi-step process that is ever evolving and requires a knowledgeable team to ensure success. Coast Mailing has been doing just that since 1977 and has developed techniques and processes to streamline and expedite the mailing process.

With all the different steps involved, it makes sense to use a mailing house that can handle all the aspects of your mailing campaign under one roof. You want your mass mailing ad campaign to have that professional, polished look and without the headaches of quarterbacking a complex and detail specific task! Coast Mailing is equipped and ready to handle your direct mailing requirements. Read about our services below:

Data Processing

We take your address file and run it through Canada Post approved software to eliminate duplicates and verify valid addresses. This eliminates the chance of throwing good money to bad addresses.

Mail Merge

Let us merge information in your database with your document template to personalize your mailing and let your recipients know you went the extra step to connect with them. Merging software allows Coast Mailing to place your information anywhere on the document or on labels accurately and cost effective.

Laser Printing

Do you have a special paper stock or pre-printed form already? We can layout your letter, insert Canada Post codes and merge your address file then print on cut sheets up to 8.5 x 14 on one side (simplex) or both sides (duplex).


Improve customer loyalty with direct addressing. Our commercial grade inkjet printing easily and accurately prints specific information (names, addresses, Canada Post codes) from your mailing list database. Print on paper label application (good for brochures or newsletters), manual peel back labelling, whatever we need to do to get your message out.

Envelope Inserting

Mailing your letter is one thing, but what about inserts? Coast Mailing is equipped to insert up to 10 inserts per 6×9” open side envelope using our extremely fast and accurate inserting machines. Larger envelopes are material dependant, so contact us if you have questions. We are also able to manually process odd sized materials with our full trained staff.


Your direct mailing campaign depends on a number of steps, one of them is folding. Our high speed single sheet folding machines can fold paper sizes up to 11 x 17 inches accurately and efficiently. We also have an in house staff fully trained and capable of any job.

Unaddressed Ad Mail

Let Coast Mailing get the word out for you. Do you have mass mail-out that needs to get out, but no customer list to go with it? No problem! We can take care of preparing your non-personalized flyers to Canada Post standards and have ready to be delivered to areas as determined by you.

Mail Sorting

Significant cost savings can be realized by utilizing Coast Mailings Mail Sorting services. By sorting your mail outs, addressed ad mail, publication mail (LCP, NDG or OCR), or incentive letter mail, you may qualify for special rates. Ask us how to qualify.